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Business and Sales Team Coaching

Get your sales team in the right mind-frame before you work on their skills.

Teen and Kids Life Coaching Workshops.

Life coaching programs designed to help developing minds to make the right decisions for their future.

Online Life Coaching

We offer the same service as our usual face to face coaching sessions, the only difference is it’s online and comes jam packed with lessons and action plans!

One-on-one Life Coaching

We offer one-on-one life coaching sessions. This program allows us to focus in an intimate fashion.

Performance and Fitness coaching

We believe physiology and psychology are one. Full fitness and performance training available.

Accountability Coaching

We will be your accountability partner by helping you pinpoint the reasons why you’re currently not achieving your full potential.


Are you in need of life coaching services?


Do you feel held back in life, unhappy, stressed, and resentful – even though your life might look great on paper? That’s a sign, a sign that your soul is not aligned with your values or desires.

Soul Stryde offers professional life coaching services, catering to everyone from different backgrounds and experiences. We guide our clients towards a meaningful life  aligned with their soul’s deepest desires.

Some people ask “what is a life coach”? To begin with, I can tell you what a life coach is not. It is not providing advice to a client, consulting, therapy, or mentoring.

It sounds like a lot, right? Instead, a life coach helps you sort through your feelings, thoughts, and actions, by asking thought-provoking questions. Ultimately the coach leads you, the client, to discover and identify your values, desires, and goals. This step is essential in achieving your “dream life.” After clearly identifying the client’s goal(s), the goal process begins.


What are your values?


By living a life based on true values, you’ll live a more satisfying life. Learn to identify and discontinue living a life that isn’t your own. Have you thought about your values? And I mean YOUR true values, nobody else’s.

As an example, we have come across people who are convinced that being a millionaire will make them satisfied (you might be one of them). Although their bank accounts may be awesome, an interesting fact arises. Many financially rich people are “unhappy.”

This leads me to believe that perhaps they have put effort into something they THINK they value. The best lifestyle coaches will ensure that the client pursues a goal that is genuinely aligned with their deepest values.  Each of us has something that provides meaning, or in other words, a purpose. It is important to focus on our purpose, grow it, and to nurture it.

Vision. Goals. Follow Through.

Soul Stryde helps you identify your goals and develop an action plan to achieve them. To compete as a top athlete, you need the enthusiastic support, experience, objective perspective and insight of a professional coach. This is the same for CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs, business professionals and executives. So, what is a life coach? A life coach is someone professionally trained and certified to help you maximize your full life’s potential and reach your desired goals.

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Building self-awareness as a tool

Some of the best life coaches will encourage self-awareness through several different methods. This step is key to know and understand your goals, or life aspirations.

One method is journaling which enables you to express your feelings and thoughts clearly. In order to challenge previous beliefs or thoughts, journaling can be used as a helpful reference.

As a coach, I could assign session related topics for you to write about. Journaling is effective in several ways, including providing focus, improving health, and reaching goals more quickly. I can say, as a life coach for teens and kids, building self-awareness has been one of the greatest tools. Discovering and developing who they are at a young age is crucial for setting the right goals and maintaining them.

Becoming accountable during the process

As a coach, I want you to get to where you want to be. Eventually, after coaching sessions or between sessions, the result is that you self-coach yourself!

Goal setting and keeping track of your progress towards your goal(s) is very important, as it encourages accountability. You’ll know what you have and haven’t completed, and what you need to achieve by a certain time. Your path should be clear. You’ll know what needs to be done.

Only you can carry out the tasks towards your goal(s). Accountability enhances motivation and a sense of urgency. Actions are lined up for YOU to carry out within a certain timeframe.

Life coaching homework assignments

One major benefit of having a personal coach is helping you create a strategy to discover perspectives, and change behaviors. Based on our session content, both you and I will come up with specific homework items after each session.

Homework assignments increase accountability and encourage follow-through on commitments. In turn, action will likely be taken towards achieving goals successfully, whether it’s fitness/performance, or general lifestyle goals. Again, this will help you self-coach once you’ve mastered the skills with me.

We will make the assignments enjoyable and focus on growth in all areas that require attention based on your needs.

When to look for guidance


Many of us may be caught up in the daily “rat race”, you know the one.

  • Wake up
  • Wait in traffic
  • Work a 9-5 we might not like
  • Wait more in traffic
  • Come home to someone who may not support or show us love
  • Make dinner, or microwave dinner
  • Maybe binge on candy or anything that makes us “feel good”

We go on to repeat the same thing day after day. As a result, unhappiness, un-fulfillment, stress, and other feelings or symptoms creep in. They invade our entire life, which may appear so wonderful on paper. This begs the question: Have you introspectively looked at these crucial aspects of your life and yourself?

85% of people hate their jobs, Gallup Poll says, and another study claims more than 6 out of 10 adults in a relationship are unhappy.  Need we go on? A good life skills coach will naturally encourage your growth, goals, visions, and values.  As your personal coach, I may create a workable plan that fits YOU.

Flexibility is welcomed during the process, as your goals may change when breakthroughs or transformations occur.

What to look for in a professional life coach


If you Googled “life coach near me”, you may wonder what to look for while obtaining a personal coach… and it’s important! It all depends on your experience with your life coach.

How do they make you feel? Do they ask powerful questions that create a spark or a shift in your perspective?

  • Do you feel excited and hopeful after your session?
  • Are you starting to move forward in your life somehow?
  • Do you feel comfortable around your coach?
  • Do you feel like they are there for YOU and are happy for your successes?

After trying the first few sessions with a professional life coach, these are the types of questions to ask yourself.  Sometimes clients want to work on something as simple as becoming more social or keeping the house cleaner, and some have goals that may take more than a few sessions.

A professional life coach will hold you accountable, that’s a big one. Ultimately, a life coach genuinely yearns to connect, know, and see you “stryde forward”, achieving your maximum potential.

The ultimate coach will have exceptional listening skills; effective and direct communication; empathy; relaxed and open body language; and the ability to remove themselves personally from the client’s agenda.

Childhood experiences


It is possible during sessions for certain feelings to arise linked to past trauma or childhood experiences. As a professional coach, I may recommend the client seek counseling, which focuses more on the client’s past.

Counseling or therapy helps an individual make sense of their behavior.  They uncover why they may act or think certain ways, based on their family dynamics growing up, or past experiences.

There is a high rate of adults requiring healing from past trauma and childhood/teen experiences.  I believe that by working as a life coach for teens and kids early on, and by helping them form new life skills, they will be better able to cope with setbacks, stress, self-image, bullying, and more. This sets a more positive life trajectory.

By allowing children and teens to learn and practice resilience, develop a growth mindset, and develop confidence, they garner important life tools that can forever be utilized.

As soon as a setback occurs, they now are equipped with skills to ground themselves, focus, observe and change behavior or thoughts.  When teens are faced with setbacks it’s automatic for many to react, sometimes in such strong ways. Some reactions have potential to land them in the wrong places, with the wrong people, or with the wrong substances.

Sometimes a reaction forever alters a positive life path. So, if you’re wondering what a life coach session should be, ask yourself “what price could you put on learning lifelong skills with our life coaching sessions or workshops”?

Life coaching assessments and Intake


When people come to see me it’s usually because they’re in one place now and they want to reach another life destination.

Assessments and intake forms are useful for both myself, as the coach, and for you, the client.  The assessment helps in establishing where you have come from or are currently at, and where you would like to land in the future.

Life coaching assessments are important in allowing us to design a clear action plan. For instance, when I get to understand who you are, we create a plan to connect your goals, your values, and your vision.

I will use the assessment or intake to map out our sessions. Along your coaching journey, I might create tasks targeted to move you towards your specific action items. For example, if you are struggling with finding satisfaction in your career, I might ask you to go through a values and meaning exercise.  This enables me to see whether your current career aligns with those factors. If not, we can devise a plan suited for your soul’s desires.

Assessments help you and I determine obstacles, challenges and opportunities in your path. Assessments and intake forms are incredibly valuable because they allow you to assess yourself, measure your advancement and development.  We become a better team towards your success.

Learn more about our one on one coaching.


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How Does Online Life Coaching Work?


Online life coaching is akin to sessions with live interaction, but everything is done online. To make appointments with me, you’ll agree to a scheduled day and time. After reporting on session progress, you’ll be able to write about your successes, challenges, action items, and goals.

I can then respond to your advancement and effort. I will ask certain powerful questions, helping you move forward with your life goals. In turn, you can respond, and we have a substantial exchange with everything done online!

In between session days, I may assign homework or action items to help you advance forward.  Homework tasks will help clear any issues that arise during your regular coaching work. You will be pushed to take inventory and measure where you are in the process. These assignments will help you set further smaller goals to ensure you reach your end goal. As the coach, I will create and provide resources as well as request feedback.

Alternatively, I host convenient FaceTime sessions. Coach and client have the face-to-face interaction yet may reside in two different locations – even across the globe! For some clients, this may suit them better than simply writing in.

Face-to-face online sessions allow me to pick up on subtleties like facial expressions, body language, tone of voice. They could provide me with some valuable insight into your true feelings. Online coaching can be a great way of helping you to reach your success, especially if you do not reside in Vancouver, BC.

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